Why Parent’s involvement in Child’s Reading Log is important?

Reading proficiency in early education is so critical that it affects virtually every aspect of academic achievement including Math and Science. Without adequate reading skills, Students are at a marked disadvantage in understanding complex math questions and properly answering them. Schools and teachers try their best to educate their students using new technologies and tools but traditional reading is always the most effective way to improve and foster academic achievement. Reading is not just understanding words and building vocabulary. Choosing the right book, understanding the context, visualizing the themes and applying what you’ve learned to real life are all critical elements of reading proficiency. None of this can be accomplished without parental involvement and the best way for parents to encourage and monitor their child’s reading is through the use of a Reading Log. Unfortunately, the traditional paper reading logs now in wide use simply do not provide enough information for parents to easily monitor their child’s reading and make the right decisions about how best to help them gain the necessary skills and cultivate a love of reading that will become so important in their later academic years and in their future lives. More importantly, not many parents know or have expertise in assisting this critical and complex reading activities. Not to worry because now Paideia Systems, LLC offers the Nations First Smart Reading Log – “Paideia LINX”. Simply download the “Paideia LINX” App and try it for yourself! We know you’re going to love it because it will help you help your children.

Smart Parents, Smart Children!!



Easy Logging and Monitoring

Simply Enter your Book’s ISBN Number and log daily reading times.

Let “Paideia LINX” help you monitor your child’s daily reading activity.

Ara read less than 40 min per day on average last week.




Smart Tips

“Paideia LINX” monitors all reading activities and gives you smart tips at precisely the right time.

Ara read 67% of non-fiction. It’s important to maintain a balance in the books you are reading. Why not suggest some fiction for Ara’s next book?


Comprehension Test

Paideia LINX guides you every step of the way and provides a list of questions you can ask your child to cultivate their reading and literacy skills, improve their reading comprehension.

What do you think might happen next if this story were to continue?




Print or Share Reading Log

Easily print a copy of the reading log or forward to your child’s teacher via email.

Let the teacher know how your child feels about each books they are reading – whether it was Easy, Challenging, or Difficult.

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Bonus Feature for your school

Do you know that you can receive school-wide message via Paideia LINX?


  • Ask your school for free School Registration.
  • Receive the important school-wide message via Paideia LINX.
  • Do you need translation? Simply click “Translation” button to see in one of more than 80 languages.


See how you easily can be an expert reading assistant of your child(ren) in just few seconds with Nation’s First Smart Reading Log instruction.

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